Pisica Vagaboanda · Gielinor writings.

[TBA] Black Box Kaleidoscope · A future project.

[WIP] Crepuscular Angles · A low-techno fable wherein a priest and a philosopher journey to the roof of a dying world to reclaim their names.

[WIP] Draumijaną · Thin places and seam strings.


Under reconstruction.


Hellphoria: The Painted City · Untangle the purpose of a realm locked in stone, moss, and ink. In-browser text adventure; made with Tick.

[WIP] Black Boots / Suitcase Gardens · This is not a tale of reversing an end, but of preventing one. Point and click adventure; in development with all of Gehirnen December.

[TBA] The Mad God's Labyrinthine · A future dungeoncrawling walking simulator.

Sliske stands in front of several statues


Arvo Kgan Cabaret
He/him or Ze/hir

An illustrator, a writer, and delightfully unbound from the seams.

Member of Gehirnen December.

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